Story From The Curious Mind-Chapter 1

(Official blog post for My Selangor Story Blogging Contest)

Shah Alam: The Capital

Dragging my cumbersome luggage all the way from Shah Alam to Sunway Skypark, I have embarked on My Selangor Story journey. There was no red carpet as much as I wished but the reception by the Firefly crews and the Kopitiam was really overwhelming. The curry puffs and hot tea had readily answered my-already-protesting-stomach. The “chit-chatting” session with few other bloggers was quite nice too though I did not talk much.

Since almost everyone was holding his or her own camera (except for me), it seems only natural for us to have some “cam-whore” sessions. The strikingly bright orange of our Firefly-sponsored jerseys really stood out in the classy brown of the Kopitiam which hosted us. The affable and funny official photographer of Firefly was an addition to the overall liveliness of our first meeting. He was hopping here and there, making sure that we stretched our mouth as wide as we could. The Firefly crews who brought our fellow foreign bloggers all the way from Penang, Singapore and Indonesia were also there posing with us. However, time flew. We then had to make our way to the Shah Alam.

Yes, you did not hear me wrong. It was Shah Alam, the place where I studied. Having been in Shah Alam for nearly one and half year, I could guess the destination we were heading right away. It was the i-City, the IT hub of  Shah Alam located in Section 7. We started off with a brief overview of i-City development project learning how they are to build the soon-to-be hub for IT startups and knowledge economy.

One thing that caught my eyes was of course, the light tourism. Starting off as a supplementary project, the City of Digital Light has unexpectedly attracted increasingly huge number of tourists. For those of you who have been there, if you think that the static light show was just so-so, perhaps its next phase, rhythmic light show and interactive light show would change your mind. Try to imagine 3D dolphins which will move following your fingertip.  You would definitely not want to miss this part of Selangor which never sleeps, the city that is always on.

Come join me moving into the fairytale built with dazzling lights which dim the moon and stars. What welcomed us at the entrance were the auspicious swans and salamander which, according to Chinese beliefs, bring wealth and happiness. Not only that, how can we miss out peacocks with their dazzling tail, these deer talking to the stars?

There were also countless little Christmas trees over here. Hide-and-seek, anyone?

Well, I guess you guys must be thirsty now, care having some juicy mangoes from i-City?

In i-City, everything looks and works like wonders. Look, I have even gotten myself a moon on my face.

Moving in further, we can then see rows and rows of pine trees shining in a mesh of yellow, red, green, blue and white. Didn’t we all color tress this way when we were young?

The place I have showed you so far is the permanent setting. On the other side, there are light scenes of different seasonal themes, such as the EID, Christmas, Deepavali and Mid-Autumn. Let me work some magic and let it snow. Da da! Here we are in the Snow City.

One thing I must say is that i-City is really the place for couples. Isn’t talking heart-to-heart in front of this light scene romantic? 

Isn’t this pair of couples in Snow City sweet?

Of course, it is also the place to be with families and friends.

Did I forget to tell you about my dinner? It was steamboat sponsored by Tasty Pot Restaurant. And guess where our dining space is? It was in the middle of the digital light park under the stars. The food was awesome and the service was good. Do remember to drop by here when you come over to i-City.

Jom P Uptown!

Our trip did not end in i-City. Instead, we headed to the best place to hang out at night in Shah Alam, the Uptown at Section 24. Jom p Uptown! (Let’s go to Uptown) Uptown is the most popular night market in Shah Alam which operates every night.  There are more than 400 stores here. Everything that should be and shouldn’t be in a pasar malam can be found here, literally “macam-macam ada”. To name just a few, there are combat accessories, watched, clothes, traditional food, foreign currency, property agent, magic store and saloon and so on. There is also a PS2 rental shop here for parents to drop their children. There is also a stage in front of the Jass CafĂ© here for people to sing their hearts out. The ambassador of the Uptown, Irwan Shah also performs here. His singing is definitely as entertaining as that of other famous singers. If you are a song lover, do come over to the Uptown.

Here in the Uptown, too, I had witnessed the spirit of entrepreneurship of the people here. The founder of Mr. Jackee who was only a factory worker has now owned a Toyota Estima after setting up his business in the Uptown.  I had also seen how our tour guides interact with the tenants. I am sure that every tenant here has his or her own inspiring stories to tell here. Of course, time given was not enough for me to further observe the life of the people here. When you come over the Uptown next time, please do chat with the tenants here. Everyone here has a story to tell.

My first night in My Selangor Story ended with good news. P1 has sponsored every blogger  free wi-fi, the Wiggy! Hooray, now I can be Facebooking and Tweeting all the way in Selangor!


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  1. wow, i'm a student in shah alam too. Haven been to I city yet although i've heard of it. Maybe i'll go there one day with my girlfriend, lol

  2. I'm sure that you'll have a very romantic moment in i-City. When I was traveling there, I saw many couples. Where are you staying? To go to Section 7 should be quite convenient ^^

  3. If it weren't for MSS, we wouldn't know what is in our backyard kan ;)

  4. Actually I did know about these places beforehand, but it's just that I didn't have the opportunity to go. There are quite a few more nice places around Shah Alam. Do come here and explore ^^

  5. waw very good..
    iam sad cannot come there..
    (Where do you contestant??)

  6. Hey, Sandy, thank you, I'll make sure that my next few posts will be better =)
    It's okay, Sandy, you can always come to M'sia again in the future. When you come, just give me a call. You can even stay at my house if you like ^^
    We went to many places like Kuala Selangor to watch kunang-kunang =) Stay tuned at my blog ^^

  7. cool post u have on 1st day very interactive ps: i need better connection to view your page pc not enuf power too

  8. Thanks, Spectre, this really encourages me to work harder. Better connection? Do you mean the loading speed or the slideshow? Gonna work on it then =)

  9. You looked like one of my student hehehe

  10. Abang Ben, really? God knows he might be my long lost twin =p

  11. oh my oh my so many bling bling hahaha...
    maybe I won't post with many photos... connection slow T__T

  12. You know, Shah Alam is the only place that has a freaking traffic light in the middle of the roundabout o_O

  13. Alid, what's bling bling huh? =p

    Wanderer, where is it? How come I never see before?
    Not sure if it is the only place but Shah Alam=roundabouts =)

  14. All lights, no privacy :(

  15. LOL, that's very humorous of you, Anonymous =)
    It is a very romantic place for people who want to show how deep they have fallen in love.

  16. Hey Victor,

    I'm really impressed with the I-city picturesas well as your narrative. Personally, I've been there once with a bunch of my friends for a surprise birthday celebration. Well, when I was there, I thought I-city, was, in a way, boring. However, I think you did a really great job in portraying I-city in a different, well, I would say, more positive and exciting light! Kudos!

  17. Thank you, Kah Wei ^^ Glad that you like it.
    i-City is good for light scene tourism. They will be having laser show near the end of this year so you may find more entertainments there then. I must admit that i-City without its events and friends following along can be dull.


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